Local Sustainable Organic Agriculture and Renewable Energy Production


EcoFarms International Mission

At EcoFarms International, our mission is to further develop and embody the global development of socially conscious
and sustainable agriculture. Our controlled-environment
greenhouse biosystems provide the optimal foundation from
which to build sustainable, locally-grown, organic produce.
Our model, based on the use of harvested waste energy,
gasses, water and alternative energy, will pioneer the
development of a new generation of high-tech agriculture.
Growing delicious, nutritious organic produce all year round
with minimal environmental impact and carbon foot print
is indeed the bright future of food.

The EcoFarms International Vision

With an increasingly growing demand in the marketplace
for high quality, wholesome foods, there is a bright
future in bringing safe, healthy, and sustainably-grown
organic food to local markets and tables. Beginning
nationwide and steadily expanding globally, we will deliver
products to our customers that are free of all chemical
fertilizers and pesticides—premium organic vegetables and
fruits that have been picked ripe and delivered fresh for
optimal flavor and nutritional value. We will improve the
carbon foot print of food from farm to table by integrating
state of the art technology and distribution systems.
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